Before you say this sounds too good to be true, keep in mind that your creditors are not lowering your interest rate and making it easier for you to make smaller payments out of the goodness of their heart. They realize that if they don’t help you out a little, you may file bankruptcy and they will likely collect nothing. Through debt consolidation services they can at least recoup the principal on the debt.

In addition, you will notice that most debt consolidation companies are organized as “non-profit” companies. This allows the credit companies to recoup a significant portion of the “lost interest charges” through tax write-offs.

So take advantage of this great debt consolidation service. It seems to be one of the few true win win situations out there for the consumer.

Why can’t I just file for bankruptcy?

About Our Services

Why should I do this?
Start saving thousands on your debt by filling in the short form. This is a limited-time offer, so please take advantage of it and apply NOW.

Is it confidential?
All applications are 100% confidential. There is absolutely NO obligation for filling out this free debt consolidation form and receiving a free debt analysis by phone.

Does it work?
This program is widely considered by debt and credit experts as the most effective way of dealing with debt. And exclusive to our program are some additional features:

No need to own property
This is NOT a loan
Low qualifying debt minimum ($5000)
No credit check


Don’t forget to check out the frequently asked debt consolidation questions for information about our program, why getting a loan is not such a good idea, and more!